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Welcome To The Polka Parade!

  • Leon Olsen Show
  • KNUJ Building

Hundreds of different compact discs to choose from, featuring over 150 popular polka bands. All from KNUJ radio - the station that put Polkas on the map!

To order, call 800-444-5685 


Join us for our next polka dance at the Iconic Turner Hall on April 18, 2021 with the fabulous Dain's Dutchmen.  We look forward to seeing you!!


Also, did you know you can purchase the KNUJ 50th and 65th Anniversary cd's for $33.00? That is 2 cds with a variety of songs and bands all for $33.00.  You can't go wrong with that deal!


Our Christmas Polka catalog will be in your mailbox shortly, we have been working hard on it.  

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