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Price: $13.50
Frankie Yankovich
SKU: 050-18
Song List: 

I Love To Polka
Peanuts Polka
Dancing With Alice Waltz
Billows Polka
Chip On Your Shoulder Polka
Have Another Drink On Me Polka
She's A Good Little Girl Polka
Get Closer To Your Partner Polka
In Brazil They're Nuts About The Polka
Indian Hills Polka
One O'Clock Polka
Happy Time Polka
Do Your Own Polka
Uncle Jake's Polka
New York Polka
Ravine Waltz
The Last Time I Saw Henry
Miama Polka
Broken Wine Glass
Springtime Polka
Teach Me How To Yodel
Toy Accordian Waltz
Barking Dog Polka
Bascovic Polka