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Honoring KNUJ's 70th Anniversary ~ $33.00 Double CD Special

65th Anniversary Double CD
50th Anniversary Double CD
65th Anniversary Double CD
50th Anniversary CD
Price: $33.00
50th & 65th Anniversary Collections
SKU: 860-03

LIMITED TIME - SPECIAL PRICING! KNUJ's 50th & 65th Anniversary CDs can be purchased togeather for only $33.00! 

You get 97 songs with all the current poular bands such as Leon Olsen, Donnie Klossner, Bockfest Boys, Julie Lee and Her White Rose Band, Brain Brueggen, Mollie B., Bruce Bradley, Marv Nissel, Elmer Scheid, Ivan Kahle, Babe Wagner, Whoopee John, The Wendinger Band and much more!


Song List: 
65th Anniversary - How 'bout That One
Song List: 

Disc 1

KNUJ Polka - Wendinger Band
Fireball Polka - Malek's Fishermen Band
Lover's Waltz - Leon Helget
Dance Hall Polka - Kris and the Riverbend Dutchmen
Barefoot Laendler - Dain's Dutchmen
Mud Puppy Polka - Karl and the Country Ducthmen
Tennesse Waltz - Bockfest Boys
Red Apple Polka - Chuck Thiel and the Jolly Ramblers
In the Mountain - Bruce Bradley Band
Concertina Fiddler's Polka - Wee Willie Band
Lights Out Waltz - Lester Schuft and the Country Dutchmen
Matilda Polka - Brian Brueggen and the Mississippi Valley Dutchmen
That Was Before I Met You - Ray Sands and the Polka Dots
Concertina Yodeling Polka - Leon Olsen Show
Moonbeams Waltz - Jim Busta Band
Strawberries, Raspberries Polka- Top Notchmen
Beloved Be Faithful - Wendinger Band
Syl's Polka - Cletus Goblirsch
Fiddlin' Tenors - Dale Dahmen and the Polka Beats
Ski Waltz - Donnie Klossner
Ridiculous Polka - George's Concertina Band
Waltz Time Waltz - Johnny Helget
Leroy's Tune - Larry Olsen Band
Foundling Waltz - Larry Rysavy
Looking Back To See - Marv Nissel Band
Kuckler's Laendler - Ray Dorschner and the Rainbow Valley Dutchmen
Waumandee Polka - Gary and the Ridgeland Dutchmen

Disc 2

Das Kufstein Lied Waltz - Mollie B
Chicago Concertina Club Polka - Jerry Minar and Friends
In Heaven There Is No Beer - Alpensterne
Sauerkraut Polka - Barefoot Becky and the Ivanhoe Dutchmen
Isabella Waltz - Julie Lee and Her White Rose Band
Orange Blossom Special - The Rhythm Playboys
Lillies in the Moonlight Waltz - Marv Nissel Band
Hoop Dee Doo Polka - Wendinger Band
Tippy Tippy Tin Waltz - Brian Brueggen and the Mississippi Valley Dutchmen
Bar Room Polka - Jim Pekol
Joe's Mazurka - Wee Willie Band
Prune Dumpling Polka - Leon Helget
Twilight in Bohemia Waltz - Leon Olsen Show
Joy of it all Polka - Johnny Helget
Black Bird Waltz - Dale Dahmen and the Polka Beats
Hanswurst Polka - Dain's Ducthmen
Memories are Precious Waltz - George's Concertina Band
Moon Over Dodge Waltz - Karl and the Country Dutchmen
My Angel Polka - Larry Rysavy
At the Spring Waltz - Malek's Fishermen Band
Guido Polka - Lester Schuft and the Country Dutchmen
In the Green Grove Polka  - Ray Dorschner and the Rainbow Valley Dutchmen
Honey Bee Waltz - Barefoot Becky and the Ivanhoe Dutchmen
Paloma Blanca - Bockfest Boys
Deer Waltz - Cletus Goblirsch
Roller Coaster Polka- Ray Sands and the Polka Dots


50th Anniversary CD - 50 Years of Polka Tradition
Song List:


1. KNUJ Polka Radio Song (3:20)
Peter & Paul Wendinger Band

2. Old Lady Polka (2:36)
3. What Do They Do In Minnesota Polka (2:09)

Harold Loeffelmacher & The Six Fat Dutchmen

4. Rudy's Waltz (2:06)
5. Tom Cat Polka (1:31)

Bill Brown & The Polka Town Favorites

6. Marichen Waltz (2:50)
7. New Ulm Polka (3:02)

 Whoopee John Wilfahrt Orchestra

8. Susie Polka (2:44)
9. Chicago Concertina Club Polka (2:14)

 Christy Hengel

10. Homecoming Waltz (2:59)
11. The Jolly German March (2:24)

Don Morris & The Jolly Germans

12. Happy Wanderer Polka (3:19)
13. While You're Away (3:31)

 Bruce Bradley Band

14. Oh, Loretta Schottische (2:29)
15. At Mail Call Today Waltz (2:39)

Leon Olsen Band

16. Trumpeter's Echo Polka (2:49)
17. When You Return Laendler (2:43)

Cletus Goblirsch Band

18. Laughing Polka (1:56)
19. Prune Song Waltz (2:06)

 Little Joe's Dance Band

20. How Married Are You, Mary Ann? (Polka) (3:40)
21. Tulips Of Amsterdam (Waltz) (2:39)

 Peter & Paul Wendinger Band


1. Snow Flower Polka (2:32)
2. Bummel Petrus Polka (2:38)

Babe Wagner's Band

3. Waltz Seventeen (2:20)
4. Cradle Polka (2:18)

Ivan Kahle Band

5. Elephant Waltz (1:55)
6. Tony's Polka (2:06)

Elmer Scheid & Hoolerie Band

7. Beautiful Brown Eyes Waltz (1:48)
8. Musicians Play All Night (Polka) (2:44)

Ernie Coopman & The Jolly Brewers

9. Moonbeams Clear (2:27)
10. Tanta Anna Polka (2:42)

Fezz Fritsche & The Goosetown Band

11. Fairy Tale Waltz (2:41)
12. Fritzie Polka (2:35)

Jerry Schuft Band

13. Maple Sugar Polka (2:38)
14. Ellen Polka (2:35)

Marv Nissel Band

15. Dutch Lullaby Waltz (2:04)
16. Muzicky, Muzicky Polka (2:51)

Brian Brueggen & Mississippi Valley Dutchmen

17. Cottage Under The Mountain Waltz (4:16)
18. Dog House Polka (2:41)

Erwin Suess & The Hoolerie Dutchmen

19. Red Head Polka (2:09)
20. Guido Polka (1:45)

Lester Schuft & Country Dutchmen

21. Marianko (Waltz) (3:39)
22. Out Behind The Barn Polka (3:04)

Jim Reeder & The Czech Lites