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Autumn Leaves

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Verne Meisner
SKU: 074-28

On this album, Verne is introducing his 14-year-old son, Steve, to his fans. Steve is well on his way in becoming a recognized and admired musician on the button accordion and also the piano accordion.

Song List: 
  1. Dancing Slovene Polka
  2. Alpine Village Polka
  3. Don't Forget Me Waltz
  4. Skinny's Polka
  5. The Old Province Waltz
  6. Polka Pal Polka
  7. Baltic Inn Polka
  8. Autumn Leaves Polka
  9. Sneeky Pete Polka
  10. Fun City Polka
  11. How Many Burps in a Bottle
  12. Broken Wine Glass
  13. Baskovic Polka - Bonus Song