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The Al Wish TV Auction Party, Volume 2

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Pecon Trebar
SKU: 122-11
Song List: 

Al Wish Background
Pecon Polka Theme/Milwaukee Polka
I Knew From The Start
Leichtensteiner Polka
Arcade Avenue Polka
You'll Be Sorry
Flutophone Polka
The Rules of the Snow
Al Wish Auction
Keystone Polka
The Waltz You Danced With Me
So You Think You're Smart
Oh Julida
Question and Answer Polka
Little Fella
Money, Money Polka
Janez and Lojze
Ava Polka
Silk Umbrella Polka
Tic Tock Polka
Just A Letter From Ohio
Too Rah Loo Rah Loo Ral
Mother/In My Mother's Eyes
Johnny Pecon, Jr
White Christmas
Jingle Bells
Auld Lang Song/Trimore Polka Theme
Shanty Polka
I Love You Polka
Too Good To Be True
Barbara Polka
Moonlight and Roses
Sweet Dreams Polka
Introduction of the Band
Diamond Polka
Slovenian Home Polka
Cherry Orchard Waltz